My name is Katherine Penner,


I’m a user experience researcher and design based in Vancouver BC.  I’m destined to make people’s lives better by demystifying complex concepts and problematic processes.  I’m passionate about education, and I love to use technology to help people make better life decisions and improve their world over all.

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More About Me

Your City

Connecting People to Communities

Your City is a research project based around community and reconnecting ourselves to our surroundings.  As technology can cause us to disconnect from our surroundings, Your City uses that technology to bring us closer together, and see what is and isn’t right in front of our eyes.

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Customizing the Saddle Fit Process

Virtual Saddle Fitter is a project that takes on the complex process of saddle fitting, and breaks it down into a digestible format.  This project will guide equestrians through the process of saddle fit in a way that allows them to customize their own results, and understand the needs of their horse.

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