My Story

My story begins in a barn.  From a young age, I have worked with horses, and this experience gave me my first lessons in discipline, work ethic and introspection.  It also gave me my first career, making me an entrepreneur at the age of 22.  My first business involved bodywork services for horses, such as massage, acupressure and structural alignment.  From there, I became professionally trained in saddle fit and adjustment, and added those services to my repertoire.  After several years of refining my skills, I began importing custom riding saddles from the United Kingdom, starting with one brand and eventually having four.

Running this business, that is based around complex processes, as well as my own interest psychology and sociology, is what sparked my interest in how we design interactions.  Wanting to learn more, I enrolled in Emily Carr University’s Interaction Design Program.  I began to research how we can use technology to take complex processes and make them digestible for people; educating them and allowing them to make the most informed decisions possible.  I dedicate a great deal of time to the understanding of sociology and behavioural psychology to deepen my knowledge of how people make decisions.  I now strive to marry my two strengths, business and user experience design to help educate and improve people’s lives, as well as receive the best results possible for the business.